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Wellbeing Challenges in Remote Working Environment

Many companies continue to err on the side of caution and carry on remote working arrangements for their staff as the lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted. Many take a view that it is much safer to continue in this mode at least until the end of the year. This is clearly a rational choice, which has both safety of staff and cost avoidance for the company as its benefits. Human Capital Risk (HR) is another non-financial risk that is mitigated as a result of this decision. However, one of the key components of Human Capital is health and wellbeing, which is likely to be negatively affected by a prolonged remote working as it is too easy to slip into 'always on' regime. Ensuring enough sleep and exercise as well as healthy diet should help keep the energy up as well as maintain healthy immune system, which is key in protecting from any disease. Feel Good In Companies structured wellbeing programme is designed for self-maintenance so presents a good choice for companies keeping remote working in place.


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